Our Services

serviceHere at Rowe Constructions we are always up for a challenge and will deliver a task on time with confidence. We promote quality, efficiency and innovation to our projects and to satisfy our clients.

This customer integrity, with our combination of accreditations, put us a cut above the rest. We cover a great number of civil construction services, all performed with experience and quality. Our services include residences, private and commercially owned businesses and contractors.


We are accredited with a VEDN in the categories of electrical infrastrucrture, pit, pipe and trenching, installation of bedding sand and back fill installation and marker tape and cover slabs, Kiosk S/S site Construction- Excavation, Slab and civil worksite auditing. 

We are fully insured to meet all WorkSafe criteria and are a CCF member.

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The services we cover are:service2

  • Sub divisional road works
  • Minor Road construction
  • Earthworks
  • Pit, Pipe and Trenching
  • Road Maintenance
  • Kerbing¬†and Concrete Paving
  • Gas and Electrical infrastructure
  • Water infrastructure
  • Sewer works
  • Stormwater and Outfall Drainage
  • Underground Power Recirculation
  • Retaining Walls