Lifestyle Riverfield

Lifestyle Riverfield

High Density Residential Development Site


Clyde, VIC


1 and 2


263 Lots

At Rowe Constructions, we are proud to be a vital part of the exciting developments at Lifestyle Communities Riverfield. Currently, our dedicated team is actively engaged in the civil construction process for the Lifestyle Communities team. We are crafting a vibrant precinct of downsizer-centric homes adjacent to Riverfield, seamlessly integrating into the expansive active open space area and contributing significantly to the overall masterplan.

Lifestyle Communities is renowned for their expertise in creating dynamic living spaces for the active and fun-loving over 50s. Having successfully delivered beautiful homes across Melbourne, Geelong, and regional Victoria, their commitment to enhancing the lives of homeowners aligns seamlessly with Rowe Constructions’ dedication to quality and excellence.

Reducing one’s property footprint is a significant decision, and Rowe Constructions and Lifestyle Communities is at the forefront, offering retired, semi-retired, impeccably designed, and low-maintenance homes. These residences strike a harmonious balance between connection and privacy, independence and activity, reflecting the desires and needs of its residents.

The ethos of this project is to create a quintessential Australian neighbourhood that embodies the spirit of its inhabitants. With access to quality amenities, we are helping to shape a community that not only meets but exceeds expectations.